Video Blog #1 – We’ve Arrived in Buenos Aires!

Welcome to our first video blog from Buenos Aires!  We’re here in beautiful Argentina for the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness meeting and we can’t wait to show you some of the sights and bring you more information about what is being done to help end blindness!

Video Blog #2 – An Interview with Dr. Serge Resnikoff of WHO

  Today we have an interview with Dr. Serge Resnikoff of the World Health Organization (WHO), Sunday afternoon soccer and tango in the streets! We never knew that learning about blindness could be so much fun!  Check back for more info about blindness and Buenos Aires as the week goes on!

Video Blog #3 – Opera, Tango and Blind Painters

Opera, tango and painters! You can find more about Mr. Esref Armagan at his website here.  Other links that you may be interested in:   Vision Care Services in South Korea Jorge Castro – the amazing tenor from the reception!

Video Blog #4 – Dr. Ravin and Telemedicine

We’re back with more Buenos Aires Blogs!  This time we feature Dr. Ravin as he discusses telemedicine and how it can help those who don’t have the money or methods to get to a hospital.

Video Blog #5 – An Interview with John Barrows of International Eye Foundation

Buenos Aires Video Blog #5 is here!  This episode features an interview with John Barrows of the International Eye Foundation and Jorge Iglesias, an artist whose work plays tricks on the eye!  You can read more about Julio Iglesias at his website or his YouTube Channel!

Video Blog#6 – Dr. Ashok Shah and Improving Eye Care in Africa

Buenos Aires Video Blog #6 is here!  This time we sit down with Dr. Ashok Shah, who is improving eye care for the English-speaking countries of Africa.  Then we drive around in search of the answer to a most pressing question: “Why is Argentinean beef so good?”  Adventure is only a click away!

Tanzania Video Blog #1

  Welcome back to the One World Sight Project Video Blog Series! Well, we’re back from Tanzania and wanted to share with you the latest developments. Thanks to your support, the One World Sight Project has been able to support an amazing hospital that is truly changing lives for many people in Africa! Dr. Weiss […]