Hundreds of People Cured of Blindness in Africa and Eye Care Permanently Improved for Over One Million People during Webathon!

Part 1

  • Examples of how life-changing cataract surgery can be in Africa
  • An interview about what it’s like to be blind with Eli del Rio, frontman for the blind a cappella singing group Outasight
  • A performance of “My Girl” by Outasight!

Part 2

  • Performances by Gary Matsumoto and Jimmy Hopper
  • A short interview with Dr. Susan Lewallen about cataracts and women
  • An interview with Dr. Anthony Hall about screening for and treating diabetic eye disease

Part 3

  • An interview with Allergan executive Bob Rhatigan
  • A performance of “Raised by the Railroad Lines” by the Schubert Bros. band!
  • An interview with architect Brion Jeannette regarding modular storage units as eye care centers
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