Over $200,000 raised and 200 people cured of blindness in Africa during live 8-hour webathon!

Funds were used for the completion of the first comprehensive training and treatment center for community ophthalmology in all of Africa!

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  • Part 1 – The Introduction
  • Part 2 – An Interview with David Pyott, CEO of Allergan
  • Part 3 – Suzanne Gilbert, PhD of the Seva Foundation, Victoria Sheffield of the International Eye Foundation, and a clip of Dr. Venkataswamy, founder of the Aravind Eye Institute
  • Part 4 – Cataract explanation by Richard Lindstrom, MD, commentary by ORBIS founder David Paton, MD and an interview with head of Humitek Ltd., Bo Clawson
  • Part 5 – Interview with famous architect Brion Jeannette and longtime OWSP supporter and philanthropist Gene Rhodes
  • Part 6 – Multiple interviews
  • Part 7 – Press clips from various media outlets
  • Part 8 – Closing credits and the song “One Spirit” sung by vocalist Jimmy Hopper

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  • A 3-minute executive summary  gives a brief overview of what we’ve done and where we are going.
  • For more detail, below are segments of the 30-minute edited verson featuring interviews, commentaries and activities from around the world!


Part 1 – Featuring:

  • OWSP President and Founder Richard Weiss, MD explains how he organized 44 doctors across the country to inject over 1000 patients with Botox Cosmetic to raise funds to cure blindness in Africa. This entire event was broadcast live over the Internet using the “virtual TV studio” provided by Mogulus.com
  • actual footage of blindness-curing activities from Tanzania
Exclusive!  Dr. Weiss sits down with David Pyott, CEO of Allergan Inc.  Only available on EndBlindness.tv!



Part 3

  • commentaries by Suzanne Gilbert, PhD., Director of Blindness Prevention for the Seva Foundation
  • Victoria Sheffield, President of the International Eye Foundation
  • a clip from Infinite Vision, a movie about Dr. Venkataswamy (used with permission)
Part 4 – Featuring:

  • an explanation of cataracts by Richard Lindstrom, M.D., President of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • commentary by  renowned ophthalmologist and ORBIS founder David Paton, M.D.
  • an interview with inventor and businessman Bo Clawson of Humitek Ltd.
Part 5 – Featuring:

  • World renowned architect Brion Jeannette explains his plans for modular eye care centers in Africa
  • An interview with Gene Rhodes, philanthropist and early supporter of the One World Sight Project
Part 6 – Featuring:

  • A picture of Dr. Weiss with Nelson Mandela
  • Audio clip from Björn Thylefors, M.D., Former Manager of the Blindness Prevention Program for the WHO
  • Live Internet interviews with Drs. Steven Hopping (Washington DC) and Joseph Eviatar (New York)
  • Eugene Helvesten, M.D., Chief Ophthalmologist for ORBIS
  • Nag Rao, M.D., President, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
  • Harriet Schloer, Secretary, Rotary Blindness Prevention Action Group
  • Jim Salz, M.D., Ophthalmologist
Part 7 – Featuring:

Part 8 (Video) – Featuring:

  • Closing credits detailing the people who were involved with the making of the DVD and the One World Sight Project in general.
  • The song “One Spirit” written by Dr. Weiss and sung by legendary vocalist Jimmy Hopper


Part 8 (Text) – Featuring:

  • Closing credits detailing the people who were involved with the making of the DVD and the One World Sight Project in general.
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