Vanity for Vision

End Curable Blindness!

On May 14, 2010, One World Sight Project is holding its National “Vanity for Vision” fundraiser! Prominent hairstylists and doctors across the country will be participating to help raise money to cure blindness in Africa!

What is “Vanity for Vision?

Good question! On November 12, 2007, One World Sight Project, Inc. held a nationwide BOTOX® Cosmetic Fundraiser to combat curable blindness in Africa (specifically, Malawi and Tanzania).

The concept was simple: Allergan donated the BOTOX® Cosmetic, 44 doctors from across the country donated their time, and the money received from patients receiving BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments went to pay for cataract surgeries. The event was a huge success, raising over $200,000 and curing over 200 people of blindness!

This year, we decided to take the “vanity” concept a little farther and get some prominent hairstylists in on the act. The idea is to take activities that are at the most basic level about the “self” and turn them into activities that help others! Your day of beauty will help someone receive something even more beautiful – sight!

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