Problem in Africa:

  • Cataract is responsible for almost half of the 7 million blind Africans
  • This means that 3.5 million Africans are needlessly blind!
  • Cataract occurs at a younger age in Africa and disables many Africans who are in the prime of life.
  • Blindness in Africa carries with it a four times higher mortality rate!
  • Two thirds of the blind people in Africa are women.

In the past, we have supported blindness prevention and treatment projects in  Tanzania, India and Tibet. We are now focusing on Africa. We want to turn things around and give Africa a new spirit (One Spirit) with an optimistic sense of forward motion. We intend to create an example of effective international cooperation by curing blindness and supporting sustainable development, virtually at the same time as fund raising activities.

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What do we intend to do – provide both relief and sustainable development

  • Relief – curing blindness in every country in Africa
  • Development – Teaching the teachers – support  teaching facilities in Africa  for all aspects of provision of eye care services and community outreach.
  • African activities possible at various finding levels (6-9 months lead time)
    • $500,000 and up – Relief activities (permanently curing blindness in thousands) throughout Africa
    • $1 million – a world class children’s eye care center
    • $10 million – a network of 10 training centers in strategic locations throughout Africa


We are developing innovative fund raising plans to create an historic event, providing permanent and immediate benefit to people throughout Africa.


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