Al Noor Foundation, Cairo, Egypt

KCCO assists the Al Noor Foundation on various research and programme activities related to trachoma and gender and blindness in Egypt. The Al Noor Foundation has donated some funds for KCCO construction.

British Columbia Centre for Epidemiologic and International Ophthalmology (BCEIO), Vancouver, Canada

BCEIO is a partner in a KCCO led research project on testing community-directed approaches to hygiene & environment improvements to reduce trachoma. BCEIO and KCCO also collaborate on various programmes and information services related to gender and blindness.

Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM), Bensheim, Germany

CBM supports KCCO training of ophthalmology residents and of cataract surgeons in all aspects of community ophthalmology. CBM and KCCO collaborate on supporting expansion of VISION 2020 programme activities in Tanzania.

Dark and Light Blind Care (D & L), Netherlands

D & L and the KCCO have three collaborative projects. One project aims to increase early presentation of children with cataract. A second project aims to improve follow up of children who have surgery for cataract (and increase use of low vision services). The third project is a research study of the impact of eye care services (surgery and low vision services) on children blind due to cataract.

DCI (Irish Aid), Ireland

DCI and CBM Ireland co-sponsor a demonstration project on the use of rainwater harvest tanks for the reduction of trachoma.

Foundation Eye Care Worldwide (FECW), Netherlands

FECW is supporting KCCO to undertake a pilot project aimed at finding the best approaches for identifying people too poor to pay for cataract surgery and ensuring that they receive services.

Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF), Australia

The FHF provides support to the KCCO to run two management courses each year. The management courses aim to improve the capacity of ophthalmologists and managers to improve service delivery.

Helen Keller International (HKI), USA

HKI and KCCO collaborate on a number of projects. KCCO trains and mentors, with HKI support, MoH personnel from two regions in Tanzania. KCCO and HKI also collaborate on research projects related to the effectiveness of ivermectin distributors as cataract case finders and on the impact of the HKI developed trachoma curriculum for primary school children.

International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)

KCCO is a member of IAPB and serves as the co-host of the gender and blindness task force. KCCO has been delegated, on behalf of IAPB, to assist with coordination and capacity building for various VISION 2020 activities throughout eastern Africa.

International Centre for Eye Education (ICEE), Australia

ICEE and KCCO collaborate closely on the implementation of community optometry as a model for optometric service delivery in rural Africa.

International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH), UK

KCCO, the University of Cape Town and ICEH are joint recipients of a grant from the Nuffield Trust aimed at training VISION 2020 programme managers. ICEH and KCCO also collaborate on planning for IAPB supported VISION 2020 activities throughout eastern Africa. ICEH is sponsoring (with support from Nuffield) Masters degree training for two KCCO staff in London.

International Development Research Centre, Canada

IDRC supports the KCCO led trachoma research activities related to testing community-directed approaches to hygiene and environmental improvements.

International Eye Foundation (IEF), USA

IEF and KCCO collaborate closely on the programmes aimed at improving organizational and financial sustainability of eye care programmes and on the development of material related to sustainability planning.

Kilimanjaro Lions Clubs, Tanzania

The three Lions Clubs in Moshi, Tanzania support community programmes, organized by the KCCO, to provide eye care to rural people in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions of Tanzania.

Lions Aravind Institute for Community Ophthalmology (LAICO), India

LAICO has assisted in capacity building of KCCO and KCMC Eye Department staff. Visits of teams to Aravind and to Moshi has enhanced collaboration and strengthened sustainability of the Eye Department.

Lavelle Fund for the Blind, USA

The Lavelle Fund supports KCCO to take models that are tested in Tanzania and assist programmes apply them in other settings.

Light for the World, Austria

Light for the World provides support to the KCMC Eye Department for the purchase of equipment for the new theatre. Light for the World has also dedicated funding for construction of the new building.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UK

The LSHTM and KCCO collaborate on a research project aimed at testing the application a point of care diagnostic system for trachoma.

Malawi College of Medicine, Malawi

The Malawi College of Medicine, Michigan State University and KCCO are jointly engaged in a training and study of the ocular findings of cerebral malaria in children in 5 countries in Africa.

ORBIS International, USA

ORBIS International supports the KCCO to train and mentor MoH staff in one region of Tanzania to develop and implement their VISION 2020 plan.

SightSavers International, UK

SSI and the KCCO are currently engaged in two projects. One is a study of the productivity of cataract surgeons trained in eastern Africa. The second is knowledge transfer related to VISION 2020 through the Ophthalmic Resource Centre for Eastern Africa.

Seva Foundation, USA

The Seva Foundation supports community based activities in Kilimanjaro and Arusha Regions aimed at improving use of eye care activities. Seva also support annual training courses on “bridging strategies” carried out at the KCCO. Seva has provided funding for construction of the new building.

Seva Canada, Canada

Seva Canada (with resources from CIDA) supports KCCO programme activities in the four areas of training/capacity building of district health management teams (to allocate resources for eye care), gender and blindness, understanding and testing strategies for improving use of eye care services by children, and knowledge transfer related to VISION 2020 throughout eastern Africa. Seva Canada has provided funding for construction of the new building.

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