The self-test is a 30-second program intended to be delivered over local television stations, with instructions given in the appropriate regional languages or dialects. The announcer asks the viewer to stare at the TV screen and follow verbal instructions. “Those who have advanced glaucoma can determine whether their upper or lower inside side-vision is missing by gently covering one eye, then wiggling a finger in front of the fellow eye. When inside (nose-side) side vision is severely missing, above or below, a person has a 70 to 95 percent chance of having advanced blinding glaucoma.

Television announcers will say the following in all worldwide languages:

  • Cover your left eye with your left hand.
  • Stare at your the center of your television with your right eye.
  • Turn you head a bit toward your left.
  • Tilt your head back a bit.
  • Wiggle the fingers or you right hand in front of you.
  • Wiggle in your nose-side’s side-vision above and below as I do.
  • Can you see your fingers wiggling above and below?
  • Can you see your fingers wiggling above and below within your nose-side’s side vision?
  • Test your left eye the same way.
  • If you cannot see the wiggling fingers above or they are missing below (on your nose-side) you should see your Eye Doctor to test your eye pressure and visual fields for Late-blinding Treatable Glaucoma.

Dear Television announcer,

In order to keep 1/2 to 2 million Glaucomas from going blind per year we need you to do a 30-second “Pilot Video” to test how accurate this is for the general public.


Rober C. Welsh, M.D.
Volunteer Eye Surgeons Association

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