International Participants – past and present

The names below represent experts in their respective fields, who are each bringing their passion and personal resources to bear on the issues of world blindness. We believe that we can make a permanent and positive change in the delivery of international eye care.

One World Sight Project receives input from the two main international coordinating bodies, the Blindness Prevention Program of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

Honorary Technical Advisor – Bjorn Thylefors, M.D.
Immediate Past Program Manager, Blindness Prevention Programme, World Health Organization

Special Advisors – Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea

Technical Advisor – Nag Rao,  M.D.
President, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)

Program Funding Council Advisor– Alfred Sommer, M.D.
Dean Emeritus, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Board of Directors
Todd Berman – President, 2V Media Marketing
David Paton, M.D. – President, EXCEL Foundation, Founder Project Orbis
Former President American Board of Ophthalmology
Richard Weiss, M.D. – Medical Director, Weiss Cosmetic & Laser Vision Procedures 
President/Founder – One World Sight Project, Inc.

Advisory Board
Prof. Daniele S. Aron-Rosa – Director, Rothschild Eye Institute (France)
Frank Billson, M.D. – Executive Director, Foresight (Australia)
David Blyth – Past President, World Blind Union (Australia)
Harry Brown – S. E. E. International (U.S.)
Dr. Marcel Chovet – Executive Director, IAPB Europe
Suzanne Gilbert – Dean, SEVA Institute(U.S.)
Ricardo Guimaraes, M.D. – President, Brazilian Society of Refractive Surgery
John Huggett – Executive Director, Operation Eyesight Universal (Canada)
Herman Kluever – Executive Director, Bureau for the Prevention of Blindness (S. Africa)
Ruth Ko – Publisher, Orange Coast Magazine
David Krasnow, O.D., V.O.S.H. International (U.S.)
Richard P. Kratz. M.D., Newport Beach, California
Professeur Jean Langlois – President, Organisation Pour la Prevention de la Cecite (France)
Professor Ridha Mabrouk – President, North African Center for Sight(Tunisia)
Raphael M. Medina, Organizacion National De Ciegos (Spain)
Robert Santelli – Past V.P. of Education and Programming, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Victoria Sheffield – Executive Director, International Eye Foundation (U.S.)
Bradley R. Straatsma, M.D., Director of Ophthalmology/Oncology, Jules Stein Eye Institute (U.S.)
Eric J. van Agtmaal, Ph.D. – Director, Mekong Eye Doctors (The Netherlands)
Govindappa Venkataswamy, M.D. – Founder, Aravind Eye Hospital (India)
Robert Welsh, M.D. – President, Volunteer Eye Surgeons Association (U.S.)