Frequently Asked Questions

Lost your Master Packet? Wanted to show your parents that yes, this fundraiser is REAL and not just an excuse for you to have 50 bucks and play video games? You’ve come to the right place.

What is the One World Sight Project?

One World Sight Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization (which means that our mission isn’t to make money, it’s to help people). It was created because our founder, Dr. Richard Weiss, was bothered by how many people were suffering from unnecessary blindness. Being a musician too (yeah, he’s a talented guy), he wrote a song about it. And then he decided he was going to help even more – so he created OWSP to help raise money and improve eye care in Africa.

Why Africa?

In some parts of Africa, eye care is much harder to come by that it is here in the United States. There aren’t as many doctors, or the doctors are harder to get to where people live far away from big cities. The US has been blessed with an abundance of resources – so it’s important to share those resources. After all, we’re all in this together!

Why Nintendo?

Because Nintendo rocks! Plus Mario Kart is easy to learn and hard to master – which makes it almost perfect for pretty much everyone. And Jamie’s a big Nintendo fan too. His dream? To get Video Games for Vision officially sponsored by Nintendo.

Why can’t we play Call of Duty though? That game is teh awesome!

Because “Cure blindness by shooting up your friends and family in a post 9/11 game world” just DOESN’T have quite the family-friendly tagline that we were looking for. But the game is awesome…

Where’s my money going exactly?

To pay for cataract surgeries in Tanzania and Malawi. Cataracts (link) are a major cause of treatable blindness throughout the world. Luckily, treating cataracts is relatively easy. For $50 and about 15 minutes, a surgeon can remove the cloudy OLD lens and put in a NEW artificial one. And Viola! Sight is restored!